Monday, August 25, 2014

Arriving At The Edge Of The Earth

It’s taken me some time to feel ready to blog about our move to Perth because it hasn’t been the easiest chapter of change in my life. Unlike in Melbourne, where we transitioned with relative ease, Perth was let down after let down (at least initially). It felt as if we had moved to the edge of the earth and all I wanted was to click my heels and be transported back home.

Part of the challenge centered around poor expectations. I had envisioned warm, dry weather and a bustling city life. Instead we arrived to weeks of torrential rains and a city of 2M that turns into a ghost town by 5pm every night. Instead of moving into a neighborhood full of Aussies who have been in the area for years, it felt like we had checked into the Grande Expat Hotel. The post code may as well be 457 (Type of Visa we are on) because we are just the newest visitors on the block – an environment that doesn’t exactly encourage the neighbors to show up with cookies, welcoming you to town.

We also had some technical difficulties. The furniture we shipped over from Melbourne arrived damaged and with random pieces missing. Mike was insanely busy at work and I could not seem to find a good playgroup, school or schedule for Keller.

Thankfully, murky waters are clearing and I am finding solid footing. Beautiful, sunny days are more and more frequent. Keller finally got into school (two mornings a week), and I’ve made some really good friends. It stills feel like we are on the edge of the earth, but I am finally ready to embrace (and write) about the journey.