Thursday, August 6, 2009

Home, alone.

I just returned to the United States Monday evening (after being gone for over 2 weeks), and already Mike and I have been forced to go our separate ways. This time it is Mike who had to pack his bags... McKinsey training starts tomorrow and lasts through Friday of next week.

Although I have known this day was coming for some time, to actually experience it feels awkwardly surreal. Throughout our marriage, I have been the one who traveled, the one who came home late, the one who spent 99% of the day surrounded by people.
I am not used to coming home to a quiet, empty house. I must fill my calendar quickly or I will surely go crazy!

MRB, I miss you. Guess we are back to the "just 3 days" kind-of lifestyle. I can't wait to savor every second I have with you this weekend! I love you.